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Australian slang
a bit more choke and you would have started - a statement said to somebody who has just passed wind in public rather loudly.
a few Kangaroos loose in the top paddock - someone who is mentally 'not quite there, also picnic short of a sandwich , or lights are on but nobody is home, etc.
A over T - to fall over, from "arse over tits.
abso-bloody-lutely - absolutely and beyond any doubt.
acid - the good word, the truth, the good acid.
act, putting on an - pretending to be sick or distressed to gain sympathy. Sometimes said as bunging on an act.
Adam's ale - Water
aerial ping pong - Australian Rules Football, description usually used derogatorily by Rugby Fans.
after dark - shark.
agro - (also aggro), the state of being angry and aggressive over a situation. Also the name of a well known puppet on a children's program.
air hostess - Female airline employee who is looking after passengers during flights. Now the term "flight attendant" is used for both Male and Female employees. Other less flattering terms used are 'aerial waitress" and "lifejacket demonstrator.
airy fairy - vague.
Akubra - Proprietary name for an Australian wide brimmed felt hat.
alligator pear - avocado, that is so named for the alligator like skin of the fruit.
amber fluid - beer.
ankle biter - small child, also called a rug rat.
any tic of the clock - very soon.
Apple Eater - Resident of Tasmania, also "Apple Islander".
Apple Isle - Tasmania, an island state of Australia.It is so called because of the huge apple industry on the island.
argy bargy - argument.
arse over tit - to fall over.
arvo - afternoon.

baccy - tobacco.
barbie - Barbecue.
barney - an argument.
barrack - to cheer for your team or player in sport / to take sides in an argument.
bathers - a swimming costume in Victoria and South Australia.
beaut - very good or excellent.
bee's knees - perfect, the absolute best, the greatest.
big smoke - slang for the major cities in Australia.
billy - A tin that is used for boiling water over a campfire(usually for a cup of tea). It is originally made from an empty jam tin with a loop of wire for a handle. It was used by swagmen during the depression years.
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billylid - a child. It is a rhyming slang from "Billy Can Lid" for Kid.
bingle - a motocar accident.
bite ya bum - whoop: "be quiet!".
bloke - an Australian male.
blowie - a blowfly. A large and noisy fly.
bonzer - excellent, great.
box, the - television.

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